pacman frog

Pacman Frog Coloring Page

If you love frogs and you love video games then we have the coloring page for you!  This week’s animal coloring page is the Pacman Frog. The Pacman frog comes is multiple color patterns, so this is a great time to show off those creative ideas and make the most colorful frog you can!  There…

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Axolotl Coloring Page

This week’s animal of the week is an amphibian known as the Mexican Walking Fish. Although it is not a fish, nor is it even related to a fish. In fact, its a salamander known as the Axolotl. The salamanders tend to confuse people due to the fact that they retain their gills for their…

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mississippi gopher frog

Mississippi Gopher Frog

I bet you won’t find a more beautiful coloring page then this Mississippi Gopher Frog Coloring page.  Heck, search the whole internet and I bet you won’t find one at all!  This frog is a jumpy one, but it is also a bumpy frog.  Sometimes described as looking “marble” this frog tends to look a…

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