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What is an invasive species?

An invasive species is an animal that is not originally from a specific ecosystem that has increased in numbers enough to cause harm to the environment. In order to qualify as invasive species, the animal itself must Reproduce quickly Grow quickly Spread in population aggressively Invasive species can be harmful to native animals that already…

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Marrus orthocanna crop

What is a Siphonophore?

There are many cool groups of animals that we can talk about and this group is literally a GROUP of animals. The Siphonophores are in the coral family and they are an intermingled group of tiny organisms that work together like a more complex organism.   These Siphonophores are made up of dozens and sometimes hundreds…

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Cicada Molting

What’s Molting?

Molting, or Moulting, is a pretty common process that most animals go through, where they cast off a part of their body during specific times of year, or a specific time in that animal’s life cycle. Molting comes in a variety of forms – whether it’s shedding skin or losing hair/fur, or possibly the entire…

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Endemic species

What is an endemic species?

If you’re coming from our invasive species section, then you might already know all about animals that start to live in places they normally don’t come from! So if an invasive animal is living in a habitat it’s not from, then what’s the opposite of that? Well that’s an endemic species! An endemic species is…

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Swarms! Flocks! Schools!

It’s time for school Defenders! For this school you won’t need a backpack, or have to worry about any homework…all you need is a group of some of your fishy friends! You may have heard of a school of fish before…or a swarm of locusts, or a flock of birds. But what exactly are these…

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