Worms & the ecosystem

Worms are an extremely important part of the ecosystem. They’re tube-shaped invertebrates that live in the soil or in water. Although there are parasitic worms that feed on plants and animals, we’ll focus on the more beneficial soil dwelling worms. They range in size from less than a mm to over 3 feet in length!…

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 feabe b


Hey Defenders – ever wonder why a human body looks totally different than the body of a wasp? Well that’s because we have different body plans! In the animal world, a body plan is just the set of features that make the blueprint of the type of body an animal has. Us humans cannot fly,…

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grass lice

Parasitic Animals

Oh jeez Defenders…we’ve got another weird animal article! This one shares a few friends that we learned about on our Blood Suckers page, because here we’re gonna talk all about Parasitic Animals, that’s right – Parasites! What exactly is a parasite anyway? Well they’re definitely not the cute and cuddly types of animals we usually…

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