Cicada Molting

What’s Molting?

Molting, or Moulting, is a pretty common process that most animals go through, where they cast off a part of their body during specific times of year, or a specific time in that animal’s life cycle. Molting comes in a variety of forms – whether it’s shedding skin or losing hair/fur, or possibly the entire…

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Trilobite Heinrich Harder

What are trilobites?

Have you ever heard of a trilobite before? Well if you’ve ever seen them…it’s probably been in fossil form! Trilobites are actually a group of fossils – the fossils of an extinct group of marine arthropods. They look similar to horseshoe crabs or almost alien like with all their creepy crawly limbs. In fossil records,…

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What is an Arthropod?

Are you ready, Defenders? Because we’re about to discuss the BIGGEST GROUP IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM! That’s right – this page is all about Arthropods! What’s an Arthropod you ask? Well you’re already familiar with many of these creatures, there are almost no places on earth you can live without an arthropod nearby! This group…

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