Tourist looking through binoculars considers wild birds in the j

Bird Watching!

This is always an interesting topic for me because people who don’t like animals or are new to the animal world are always so puzzled by bird watching, yet animal people love bird watching.  “Do they really just go and watch birds?”, I have been asked and they are not wrong.   Bird watching is really…

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What are raptors?

A raptor is a bird of prey, but there are many birds that are carnivores or omnivores like ducks and penguins. But are they raptors? No, a raptor needs to be able to fly, unlike penguins that swim, and needs to catch its food with its feet, unlike ducks that use their beak. Let’s take…

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How do Predators Catch Food?

When it comes to animals who’s diet includes or consists of other animals, (be they insects, herbivores, or even its own kind!), there’s many elaborate and diverse ways for an animal to catch food, including traps, speed, and stealth! Webs Spiders can produce silk from glands located at the tip of their abdomen These webs…

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How do birds fly?

The ability to fly is one thing us humans have fantasized about for all of history, and have achieved ourselves through technology. But the way an animal like a bird or insect is built and evolved to fly still intrigues many, often wondering what life would be like if we could fly this way too….

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Bald Eagle

What are Birds?

Birds are a diverse group of animals with many distinct traits. Vertebrates (have back bones) Endothermic (warm blooded) Feathers Beak (instead of teeth) Laying of eggs While all modern-day birds have feathers and wings, there are many birds that do not fly. Ostrich (The world’s largest bird that lives on the savannah in Africa) Penguins…

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