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National Bird Day

January 5th of every year is a great day because it is a day that millions of people get out and celebrate the world of birds!  It’s National Bird Day!  National Bird Day is a tradition in United States where bird enthusiasts get out and celebrate how amazing birds are!  January 5th is an important…

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nocturnal animal

Nocturnal Birds

Ever since we have been young little cubs, we have been intrigued by the animals that come out at night time.   The world is filled with animals that are either active in the day time, active in the night time or active at dusk and dawn.  For the animals that are active at night, these…

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Learn Bird Dactyly!

The word datyly is not a word many of us have actually said, but it is a word that we have all thought about without knowing the word.  Have you ever wondering how many toes or fingers a monkey has, or why a chicken has three toes pointing forward and one toe pointing backwards.  The…

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american bird

American Bird Conservancy

The American Bird Conservancy is our highlight company in this tile, which is a great organization with their main office located in The Plains, Virginia.  The American Bird Conservancy has strong foundation and mission directly geared towards helping and conserving the bird species in the Americas.   With a clear and understandable framework for conservation on…

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Tourist looking through binoculars considers wild birds in the j

Bird Watching!

This is always an interesting topic for me because people who don’t like animals or are new to the animal world are always so puzzled by bird watching, yet animal people love bird watching.  “Do they really just go and watch birds?”, I have been asked and they are not wrong.   Bird watching is really…

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Set of small song birds isolated on white background

Who Are The Passerines?

The Passerine birds are a vast group of birds with over 6,500 species.  Passerine birds are regularly called the song birds, due to their control over the syrinx muscles.  Their ability to control the syrinx muscles allow them to create a huge range of noises and vocalizations, including rather detail vocalizations we refer to as…

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migratory bird treaty act

Migratory Bird Treaty Act

The Migratory Bird Act is an important law that was first created is 1916 to protect migratory birds at the federal level.  Migratory birds are birds that move between a few places during seasonal changes.  Have you ever hear of geese flying south for the winter? Well it’s not just geese, in fact many species…

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