Pekin Duck

Pekin Duck Coloring Page

Pekin Ducks are an all white domestic duck that is quite common on farms and petting zoos.  These are a heavy bodied duck that have shorter wings so they are not capable of flight. The Pekin Ducks are primarily food ducks, yet they have been seen on numerous occasions as pets. They are great swimmers…

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chukar partridge

Chukar Partridge Coloring Page

The Holidays are coming and that means you need a partridge coloring page to coloring in while you sing that song. You know, a partridge in a pear tree!!!  Sorry started singing there.   Well we hope everyone has a great and safe holiday season!  Make sure to print out this Chukar Partridge Coloring Page and…

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lady amhersts pheasant

Lady Amherst’s Pheasant Coloring Page

Pheasants are some of the most impressive birds, but like many birds the males are far more vibrant and colorful then the females. These birds are stunning and the males have long tail feathers that could impress even a human female. So, turn your printer one and get started coloring in this Lady Amherst’s Pheasant…

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taiwan blue magpie

Taiwan Blue Magpie Coloring Page

Wow, the Taiwan Blue Magpie is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and this Taiwan Blue Magpie coloring page is in need of some color.  So, grab those crayons or markers and start making this bird look as good as it does in real life!  Don’t forget to post your work on…

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Common Raven Coloring Page

Hey Defenders!  Here is the coloring page for the Common Raven, which is a super smart, all black, passerine bird. Have fun working on the coloring page and don’t forget to share your work on social media.

Osceola Turkey

Osceola Turkey

Hey Defenders! Check out this awesome coloring page on the Osceola Turkey! Osceola Turkey’s are most common in the Florida Peninsula, They number from 80,000 to 100,000 birds! We hope you enjoy this coloring page and there are many more just like this one in the kids zone!