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What are Consumer – Resource Systems?

Hey there Defenders! Hopefully you’ve explored a bit of the Kids’ Zone and know all about a food chain, and the different ways animals get their energy – don’t worry, you can click the blue words and check out all that info right now! Here we are going to talk a little bit more in…

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What is photosynthesis?

Smile for the photo and say Cheese! Wait…what do you mean this isn’t Photography?  Oh yeah…this is Photosynthesis! While it’s a lot different than getting your picture taken, both Photography and Photosynthesis involve light. In the case of Photosynthesis, it involves plants taking in sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water to fuel their activity, and then…

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What is Botany?

Have you ever wondered where all the information about plants comes from? Anything from their name, structure, ecology, habitat, or their importance? Well, all this information comes from the scientific study of plants which is called botany. Everybody loves plants, or at least, everyone should love plants! Plants are not only responsible for the air…

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