Chinstrap Penguin Coloring Page

Check out this awesome Chinstrap Coloring page!  These are amazing creatures who’s populations are on a steady decline. So, this is a great coloring page to do with your students to help spread awareness for these birds.  Have fun coloring Defenders!

Meet the Penguins!

Penguins!!! Yay!!  We are so excited to focus on a penguins here at C.S.W.D. and everyone loves penguins, except the Penguin from the old Batman movie- that guy is just weird.  They are such a well known bird, yet many people have never seen one in person. Penguins are built to swim like little torpedoes…

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Chinstrap Penguin

Not By The Hairs On My Chinny Chin Chinstrap Penguin!

When I was a younger lad I had the pleasure spending time in Australia doing conservation work in different eco-friendly areas and during that time I was luckily enough to fall in love with some of the world’s cutest birds.  They were called Little Penguins or Little Blue Penguins and after meeting this cuties I…

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Learn Bird Dactyly!

The word datyly is not a word many of us have actually said, but it is a word that we have all thought about without knowing the word.  Have you ever wondering how many toes or fingers a monkey has, or why a chicken has three toes pointing forward and one toe pointing backwards.  The…

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