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What is Mesoglea?

Mesoglea is such a weird word and to us here at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders, it sounds gooey.  Well believe it or not mesoglea IS kind of gooey!  It is the see through jelly like tissue that makes up the bodies of Cnidarians. Think of jellyfish.  Their gooey and slimy bodies are made of mesoglea!…

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What are Cnidarians?

What are Cnidarians? “Cnidarians” isn’t a word most people would associate with animals, yet almost everyone has heard of at least one organism from this stinging group, like Jellyfish and Sea Anemones!  There are all kinds of other cool organisms in the Cnidarian family that you can start to explore in the Cnidarian Center of…

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Dangerous Animals

Our planet is filled with wonderfully unique organisms. From creatures that can regenerate body parts, to parasites and blood suckers…from the cutest and cuddliest, all the way to those scary creepers, life on earth is extremely diverse! While many animals have formed strong bonds with humans, and we’ve created whole new breeds of species that…

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