Common Raven Coloring Page

Hey Defenders!  Here is the coloring page for the Common Raven, which is a super smart, all black, passerine bird. Have fun working on the coloring page and don’t forget to share your work on social media.

Set of small song birds isolated on white background

Who Are The Passerines?

The Passerine birds are a vast group of birds with over 6,500 species.  Passerine birds are regularly called the song birds, due to their control over the syrinx muscles.  Their ability to control the syrinx muscles allow them to create a huge range of noises and vocalizations, including rather detail vocalizations we refer to as…

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Common raven

Common Ravens: The Birds That Myths Are Made Of!

Welcome back Defenders!  Since you keep returning to our animal learning center we know you are smart, just like the bird featured in our Animal of the Week!  They are a bird that is relatively big for being a passerine, all black, and like we already mentioned they are quite intelligent. The bird we are…

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