Sucker Punch of The Sea

If you have ever been sucker punched or seen someone get sucker punched in a video, then you are aware that it’s not something most people want to be a part of. Usually, the sucker punch consists of one person throwing a quick and powerful punch while another unsuspecting person takes the punch completely unprotected….

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Sea Jelly (Jelly Fish) are unusual sightings inside Morro Bay

Meet the Sea Wasp

Dun Dun Dun!!!  The Sea Wasp is such a cool name and the animal from this section was given that name for a serious reason.  Meet Chironex fleckeri the world’s most deadly jellyfish!  The Sea Wasp is a species of box jellyfish. Stings from this jellyfish have taken the lives of over 60 people.  Chironex…

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Avispa marina cropped

Box Jelly

This group of animals have really left their imprint on the animal world – They are known as the box jellyfish! This group from the Cubozoa is known for their cubed, instead of round, shaped medusa and their powerful stings! Their shape may not mean much to most, but the box jellyfish medusae is folded…

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question mark jUs

What is Cubozoa?

The Cubozoa is a group of Cnidarian that gets it’s name for their little box or cube shaped bodies.  They are the box jellyfish and they are actually quite cute.  These little mini versions of the true jellyfish are much smaller and believe it or not they are much quicker and more agile than the…

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