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Ungulate – any hoofed mammal Unguligrade – gait in which only the tips of the digits, covered in hooves, touch the ground Urodelan – group of limbed, lizardlike amphibians consisting of salamanders and newts Urticating Hair – (in invertebrates) barbed hairs that are used as a defensive mechanism Venom – a toxin produced by an…

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Parasitism – an interaction of species populations in which one organism lives in or on another from which it obtains food, shelter, amd other requirements Parthenogenesis – the development of an individual from an egg without that egg undergoing fertilization Patriarchal – a social group that is led by the dominant male Passerine – small-…

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Keratin – a group of scleroproteins that form the structural bases of hair, wool, nails, and other epidermal structures in animals Keystone Species – a species on which other species in an ecosystem largely depend, such that if it were removed the ecosystem would change drastically Kingdom – a taxonomic category of the highest rank,…

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Family – the usual major subdivision of an order or suborder in the classification of organisms Fang – a long, pointed tooth; in some groups,  fangs are hollow and used for injecting venom Feather – a keratinous outgrowth of the skin of birds that is highly modified for the purposes of flight, insulation, and display…

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Abdomen – (in arthropods) the hindmost body segment Abyssal – inhabiting the deepest part of the ocean (below 2000m) Aestivation – dormancy that occurs in some animals during a period when conditions are hot and dry Albinism – genetic mutation resulting in the inability to form melanin pigment Alpha – the highest ranking member within…

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