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What are Monotremes?

As we all know, mammals are not the group of animals known for laying eggs. In fact, there are pretty much no mammals that give birth through egg laying…except for the monotremes of course! So what exactly are monotremes you ask? Well first off, they are indeed mammals, so no birds or reptiles or insects…

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Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! From easter hunts to breakfast, there are many different uses for eggs…but at the end of the day, eggs represent something very special in the animal world – LIFE! Although us mammals are not in this group (aside from a couple exceptions), many animals give birth to their young by laying eggs….

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African Penguin laying an egg

Why do animals lay eggs?

One key survival instinct of all animals, is the instinct to reproduce – to create the next generation of the species and keep their population high. There are a few different reproductive methods that animals can take, and here we want to talk about one that you might also see on a breakfast plate…eggs! Eggs…

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Eggs as a food source! Eggs are so yummy, aren’t they defenders?  Not only are eggs loved and eaten by humans, but they are devoured by many other animals as well. The egg is a containment center for everything needed to create a baby animal. Fish lay eggs, birds lay eggs, reptiles lay eggs, amphibians…

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Hard or Leather?

Howdy Defenders! Did you know reptile eggs, bird eggs, insects eggs, and amphibian eggs are all different? They have different shapes, colors, densities, and patterns! Animals live in different habitats and take up different niches. Different habitats have different pressures that cause animals and their eggs to adapt to a particular environment. This means that…

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