european polecat

European Polecat Coloring Page

Hey Defenders!  Check out this awesome mammal coloring page of the European Polecat.  This is an awesome species and there is so much to learn inside the kids zone.  Don’t forget to show your coloring page work on social networking.

ferrets in leaves

Meet The Mustelids!

The Mustelids are one of the most respected groups of mammals on the planet and contain some well known animals like badgers and wolverines. They are all carnivorous and well equipped for life as meat eaters. Most are longer bodied mammals that exhibit shorter, stronger arms, thick dense coats, claws and paws built for digging…

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What is a Mammal?

Mammals are a group of animals with many traits that make them different from other animals. We have laid out the main characteristics of being mammal.  Endothermic (or “warm blooded”) which means they have a set body temperature. Have fur or hair Give birth to their babies alive, as opposed to laying eggs like fish…

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