What is Mycology?

Hello Defenders! Here we’re going to talk about something you might have heard of, but probably don’t know too well…Mycology, the study of fungi! While a botanist studies plants, and a zoologist studies animals, a mycologist is a person who studies the world of fungi. Mycologists try and learn the biochemical traits of these organisms,…

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What is a fungus?

Why did the rabbit want to be friends with the mushroom? Because he was a Fun-Guy!!! Bad jokes aside…what does it really mean to be a fungi? Aren’t they just like plants…they look kind of the same, right? Well the truth is, the world of fungi is very unique, and separate from both plant and…

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How do Fungi eat?

What do fun guys eat? And how do they do it? I mean, fungi… Fungi are eukaryotic organisms like mushrooms, molds, mildews, truffles, and yeasts. Maybe you have seen fungi  when you are out on a hike or even in your backyard (they like to live on trees and other natural areas). Above all, fungi…

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