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Giant Snakes

Snakes are literally my favorite animal and I love teaching people that snakes are really not that bad.  There are some snakes that can be a little scary if you are a beginner to the snake world like venomous snakes, really fast snakes, and giant snakes. Any of those snakes that I just mentioned are…

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komodo dragon

Giant Lizards

Iguanas, Monitor Lizards, and Tegus are a few groups of really large lizards which have become popular among animal lovers. These three groups of lizards contain some massive individuals that grow to unbelievable sizes. The largest and most well known of the giant lizards is the Komodo Dragon!  These guys are huge!! Komodo Dragons are…

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Carbonemys Cofrinii

Giant Turtles & Tortoises

Turtles and tortoises are very gentle and peaceful animals that I find to be very pleasant to watch as they roam around and explore the ground for edible matter. Turtles and tortoises both have shells, and they use those shells for protection from predators and protection from other turtles and tortoises. These shells are hard,…

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