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What is an Herbivore?

Vegetarian. Plant/Leaf eater. Herbivore. All these terms mean the same thing – an animal that is adapted to eating plants and greens for the majority of their diet! Herbivores are a very important part of the food chain, because they digest those ever important carbohydrates that plants produce through the process known as photosynthesis. Carnivores…

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What is Domestication?

Domestication is when humans change an animal’s appearance and behavior to the appearance and behavior they want that animal to have. They do this by selective breeding, making sure that animals with the traits they want, have babies with another animal with the same traits.   Domestication does not happen overnight. It can take hundreds,…

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What is a Mammal?

Mammals are a group of animals with many traits that make them different from other animals. We have laid out the main characteristics of being mammal.  Endothermic (or “warm blooded”) which means they have a set body temperature. Have fur or hair Give birth to their babies alive, as opposed to laying eggs like fish…

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