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Nesting / Animal Homes

Many animals build elaborate homes to live in. Burrows Are holes and tunnels dug underground by animals Burrows can range from simple tubes, to complex networks of tunnels and chambers Many animals burrow, including rabbits, moles, ants, reptiles and even penguins! Dens A type of burrow, but is usually larger Dens can also be used…

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Grasp africa


Fragmentation is the process of a habitat transforming, or fragmenting, into a number of smaller fragments. This happens as a result of earthquakes, fires, and floods. However, most fragmentation occurs as a result of human actions, like urbanization. Large roads, aqueducts, dams, reservoirs, mining and logging activities can cause fragmentation as well. This becomes a…

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Madagascar Deforestation


Deforestation is the destruction or removal of forest, and then re-used for non-forest use. Only humans do this to clear land for homes, urban development like shopping malls, or most commonly – for farming. Wildfires that level forests are not deforestation, as there’s an expectation that the forest will grow back. Although clearing space for…

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Mulberry Street NYC c LOC gu edit


Urbanization describes the process of making an area more urban. This can mean growing a city by expanding the suburbs. It can mean putting up roads and buildings in previously uninhabited space. This often goes hand in hand with deforestation as we destroy forests to build farms and roads. Urbanization often results in a loss…

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