Air Fern

Ahhhhhhhhh, the Air Fern. Doesn’t it sound like such an amazing plant, Defenders? Who doesn’t like a nice beautiful fern or a lovely house plant. House plants are found in over 40% of homes in the United States.  They have tons of benefits, they look beautiful, they give us oxygen, and they help clean our…

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Flower Hat Jellyfish

What is Hydrozoa?

The Hydrozoa are the second largest group of Cnidarians, and they have some of the coolest species.  This difficult to describe group of animals is defined by having a planula larvae, which is a specialized, flat, and free swimming larvae. The hydrozoa can live solitary and colonial. The colonial species tend to form interesting structures…

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Marrus orthocanna crop

What is a Siphonophore?

There are many cool groups of animals that we can talk about and this group is literally a GROUP of animals. The Siphonophores are in the coral family and they are an intermingled group of tiny organisms that work together like a more complex organism.   These Siphonophores are made up of dozens and sometimes hundreds…

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