Rose Hair Tarantula

Rose Hair Tarantula Coloring Page

The Rose Hair Tarantula is by far the most common pet tarantula and our awesome animal of the week. These tarantulas are docile and beautiful. They get their name from their rosy coloration on their hairs. Please take the time to download this Rose Hair Tarantula Coloring Page and don’t forget to share your work…

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Yellowjacket Coloring Page

Growing up I was always amazed by bees and wasps, not only because they were able to sting you, but because they look like tough futuristic insects.  They have a little big of an army solider feel to me. This week is the Yellowjacket and they are a species of wasp well known in North…

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Stalk eyed Fly

Stalk Eyed Fly Coloring Page

Hey Defenders!  Check out this Stalk Eyed Fly coloring page. The stalk eyed fly is on weird looking fly, who’s eyes are on the end of eye stalks. This allows the flies to see a better view of the surrounding area. We have many other insect coloring pages in the activities center of the kids…

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dermestid beetles

Dermestid Beetles

Hey Defenders!  Todays coloring page is an insect that is very helpful for the environment.  This decomposing beetle and it’s larvae are known for helping to break down dead carcasses by eating the meat right off the bone. In fact, taxidermists have been using dermestid beetles to help clean off bones and skulls for a…

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