Thorn Bug Coloring Page

Hi there Defenders! Take a look at this neat coloring page on the Thorn Bug! These insects are in a group that share common features. Varying in different colors and sizes. But they all posses the tall thorn shaped horn on their backs. They can be found on every continent except Antarctica! Hope you enjoy…

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Insect vs. Spider

Hey Defenders!  Here is another awesome comparison video here! This one will help you remember the differences between Insects and Spiders, which are very common in nature and sometimes, our houses. Don’t be scared though!  They are actually pretty cool. If you want to learn more you can also check out other facts in our…

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Stingers, Quills, and Spikes

A stinger is a sharp organ that is often connected to a venom gland that delivers venom when piercing the skin of another animal. Stingers are usually located at the rear of the animal and are often used as defense. Many animals have stingers Bees have stingers that are barbed, meaning that the stinger become…

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