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Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! From easter hunts to breakfast, there are many different uses for eggs…but at the end of the day, eggs represent something very special in the animal world – LIFE! Although us mammals are not in this group (aside from a couple exceptions), many animals give birth to their young by laying eggs….

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Bald Eagle

What are Birds?

Birds are a diverse group of animals with many distinct traits. Vertebrates (have back bones) Endothermic (warm blooded) Feathers Beak (instead of teeth) Laying of eggs While all modern-day birds have feathers and wings, there are many birds that do not fly. Ostrich (The world’s largest bird that lives on the savannah in Africa) Penguins…

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Swarms! Flocks! Schools!

It’s time for school Defenders! For this school you won’t need a backpack, or have to worry about any homework…all you need is a group of some of your fishy friends! You may have heard of a school of fish before…or a swarm of locusts, or a flock of birds. But what exactly are these…

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