Faroe Islands

National Bird Day

January 5th of every year is a great day because it is a day that millions of people get out and celebrate the world of birds!  It’s National Bird Day!  National Bird Day is a tradition in United States where bird enthusiasts get out and celebrate how amazing birds are!  January 5th is an important…

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Kakapos: The Flightless Parrot You’ve Never Heard Off

The island of New Zealand is a very beautiful place and although rumors say that it is completely covered in sheep, it actually has some of the world’s most unique flightless birds.  One of those is a very unique bird known as the Kakapo, which is actually a flightless, ground dwelling, nocturnal parrot, endemic to…

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Who Are The Flightless Birds

When we think of birds we think about graceful, feathered animals with wings and the ability to fly. Birds have evolved a great talent, which is flying.  If your a migratory bird then sometimes flying is done over very long distances, yet some birds stay local and don’t fly as much. There are many birds…

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nocturnal animal

Nocturnal Birds

Ever since we have been young little cubs, we have been intrigued by the animals that come out at night time.   The world is filled with animals that are either active in the day time, active in the night time or active at dusk and dawn.  For the animals that are active at night, these…

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Learn Bird Dactyly!

The word datyly is not a word many of us have actually said, but it is a word that we have all thought about without knowing the word.  Have you ever wondering how many toes or fingers a monkey has, or why a chicken has three toes pointing forward and one toe pointing backwards.  The…

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Endemic species

What is an endemic species?

If you’re coming from our invasive species section, then you might already know all about animals that start to live in places they normally don’t come from! So if an invasive animal is living in a habitat it’s not from, then what’s the opposite of that? Well that’s an endemic species! An endemic species is…

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