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Domestication – C.S.W.D. TV: Episode 3

For the 3rd episode of C.S.W.D. TV, the focus is on the connection humans & animals have, through domestication. How did we end up in the relationships we have with animals right now? Answer this question and more, right here on episode 3!

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What are Monotremes?

As we all know, mammals are not the group of animals known for laying eggs. In fact, there are pretty much no mammals that give birth through egg laying…except for the monotremes of course! So what exactly are monotremes you ask? Well first off, they are indeed mammals, so no birds or reptiles or insects…

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What is Aposematism?

Hey Defenders – have you ever come across a really beautiful, colorful animal? Perhaps with really vivid and bright colors, or unique markings and style like the stripe on a skunk? Well take extra care, because these animals don’t just look good to impress us…this is called “Aposematism”, also known as “warning colorations”, and it’s…

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What are raptors?

A raptor is a bird of prey, but there are many birds that are carnivores or omnivores like ducks and penguins. But are they raptors? No, a raptor needs to be able to fly, unlike penguins that swim, and needs to catch its food with its feet, unlike ducks that use their beak. Let’s take…

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Starting Educator Animals

When someone starts as a Wildlife Defender, you can’t expect them to handle the lions right away – These are some of the beginner animals Wildlife Defenders start with and teach students about!  

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What are Consumer – Resource Systems?

Hey there Defenders! Hopefully you’ve explored a bit of the Kids’ Zone and know all about a food chain, and the different ways animals get their energy – don’t worry, you can click the blue words and check out all that info right now! Here we are going to talk a little bit more in…

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What is a Food Chain?

The food chain is a series of organisms each depending on the next as a source of food. It is a quick way to explain the energy (food) exchange that occurs in an ecosystem. The food chain begins with sunlight and water as essential elements necessary to create plant life. Plants take energy from the…

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