asian water monitor

Asian Water Monitor Coloring Page

Asian Water Monitors are large lizards that are found in South East Asia. They are semi- common as pets and grow up to be over 6ft long. They have very long tails and super long forked tongues. The tails of Asian Water Monitors are used as whips when defending themselves from predators and their long…

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jamaican Iguana

Jamaican Iguana Coloring Page

We love reptiles at Critter Squad and we especially love this week’s animal because we many animals here in our zoo that are related to this week’s species.  The Jamaican Iguana is a large iguana that has been put on the IUCN list due to their low population status in the wild.  These lizards are…

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western banded gecko

Western Banded Gecko Coloring Page

This weeks animal is soo cute and it has an amazing coloring page.  This weeks coloring page is the Western Banded Gecko and it is a nocturnal gecko native to North America.  These are actually found in Southern California close to Critter Squad headquarters. The are tiny, slender and can be colorful, depending on the…

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