px An evolutionary tree of mammals

Three Main Types of Mammals

Mammals are some of the most well known animals on earth. It makes sense, because you’re born into a family of mammals – every human you know is a mammal! However, mammals are also split into 3 specific groups, based on how they reproduce and give birth. The three main groups of mammals that every…

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px Stone tool use by a capuchin monkey

Tool Use Among Mammals

Humans have studied tool usage among mammals for many years. A tool is any item found in nature that an animal uses for a specific purpose. This means that an animal is either using the tools for feeding, defending themselves, or for some other purpose. Charles Darwin noted how the primates he studied used tools…

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Mammal Communication

As humans, communication comes very naturally to us. We wave hello to people from a distance. We shake hands, hug, and high-five our friends when they’re close. And we use language to communicate verbally and through written words on a daily basis to interact with one another. Although they don’t have the same ability to…

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Locus coeruleus

What is the Neocortex?

When looking at the animal world, there has always been the discussion “What creature has the most intelligence?”. Based on the development of our brains, and how we’ve colonized the world, most people agree on humans being in the #1 spot. But why? What gives us this ability to think in higher functions than just…

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