Gliding Mammals

Throughout the history of our planet, only a select few groups of animals have been able to achieve the power of flight. Birds & Insects are the main creatures that have developed this skill, with a couple other special animals such as Pterosaurs and Bats. But just because you can’t fly, doesn’t mean you can’t…

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Encountering Wild Mammals

Have you ever gone camping with your family and seen a bear? Or maybe a wolf? What about a deer? Some of us probably have encountered wild mammals at some point in our lives, perhaps even out on a hike. So what exactly do you do when a wild mammal is close to you? Scream…

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Baby clouded leopard!

What is a Mammalogist?

Howdy Defenders – hopefully you’ve got a clue about this article just from the name. Let’s talk about being a Mammalogist, or someone who studies mammals! Mammalogy is the official study of mammals, and it has also been known as “theriology” “therology” and “mastology”. Because the world of mammals is diverse, with over 4,000 different…

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