Sifakas Coloring Page

Sifakas are lemur that are native to Madagascar and they are known for a very unique look and insane jumps!  That’s right, they can jump up to 32 ft from tree to tree!  They are arboreal and have great features for climbing in the trees, like prehensile tails, big hands and big eyes.  The most…

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bornean Orangutan

Bornean Orangutan

The Bornean Orangutan is a very rare species and they belong to the very tiny group of primates that contain the other Orangutans. They are native to Asia and are unmistakable, with they larger sizer and orange hair.  These primates are great climbers and tend to live solitary lives and they are considered critically endangered. …

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red necked wallaby

Red-Necked Wallaby

Red- Necked Wallaby is the animal of the week and these cuties are an amazing species native to the beautiful Australia.  There are currently 30 different species of wallaby and they are all marsupials, which means the have a pouch for holding their babies.  They are known for numerous reasons besides looking like their larger…

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proboscis monkey

Proboscis Monkey

This weeks animal is by far an interesting primate with an unforgettable face and the nose of a life time.  It’s the proboscis monkey and the second you look at them you can probably tell what the word proboscis means.  It mean’s, nose!  Proboscis monkeys have huge noses!  You can learn all about why them…

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Yak yak coloring page

Yak Yak Coloring Page

Hey Defenders! This week’s animal is the Yak Yak which is also known as the Domestic Yak. The domestic yak is a descendent of the Wild Yak, a species that is native to the Himalayas. These mammals are huge, herbivorous beasts with a thick coat of fur that is consider long hair.  This thick coat…

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wild boar

Wild Boar Coloring Page

Wild boars are hard core swine that are native to the African continent. The rough and tough animals have been known to be quite the defensive animals and protect their babies at all costs. They are now found outside of their range as invasive species in certain areas. Take the time to download and color…

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Banteng Coloring Page

Our animal of the week this week, is an species from the family Bovidae which is native to the Asia continent. These large mammal is herbivorous with the largest populations found in Cambodia and Thailand. Have you figured it out yet?  It’s the Banteng, a wild species of cattle and we have a Banteng Coloring…

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Dhole Coloring Page

There is multiple species of wild dogs that fascinate us here at Critter Squad and one of those species is the Dhole.  Dholes are an Asian species of wild dogs and they have a beautiful tan coat that is finished off with a darker brown tail. These carnivorous mammals are known to live in very…

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African Golden Cat

African Golden Cat Coloring Page

The African Golden Cat is an illusive cat found in Africa. Like many other wild cat species they guys are great hunters with keen senses for tracking down prey.  They are found in the rainforest habitats of West and Central Africa.   If you love wild cat and big cat species then make sure you download…

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