Spotted Cus Cus

Spotted Cus Cus

The Spotted Cus Cus is by far one of the most interesting looking creatures you have never heard of.  These arboreal animals are marsupial mammals that are native to Australia. They are also known as the aklangs or gabis, but although they have multiple nicknames they are rarely seen. These foraging animals tend to eat…

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bengal fox

Bengal Fox

Bengal Foxes are one of the numerous sly and mischievous mammals in the fox family and they are our featured animal this week.  This coloring page is amazing and we can wait to see your work at school or on social networking.  These carnivores are native to the Indian subcontinent and have a crepuscular and…

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ring tail

Ring Tail Coloring Page

Ring Tails are one of the coolest animals in North America! They are agile, nocturnal and related to raccoons and kinkajous.  The are known for their cute appearance and bushy black and white striped tails.  They are also known as the Ring Tailed Cats or the Bassarisk. These guys are omnivorous, but are quite keen…

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Coyote Coloring Page

If you live in North America then you are mostly like familiar with the Coyote.  These carnivorous mammals are quite common and constantly encountered by humans. They are mostly solitary and very smart when it comes to hunting, although they can be spooked easily.  Critter Squad has made it easy for you to download and…

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grizzly bear

Grizzly Bear Coloring Page

Hey Defenders!  You don’t have to be one of North American defenders to be a fan of Grizzly Bears because these massive mammals are impressive to anyone who sees or reads about them.  They are large omnivores that are primarily carnivorous. Show us your coloring skills and print out this Grizzly Bear coloring page.  Check…

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emperor tamarin

Emperor Tamarin Coloring Page

Emperor Tamarins are one of the most remarkable primates you will ever lay your eyes on.  These tiny cuties have huge mustache style facial hairs that give them resemblance of an old emperor ruler. Those facial hairs make them some of the cutest primates and you are going to love doing this coloring page.   Be…

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geoffry's cat coloring page

Geoffroy’s Cat Coloring Page

Here is our awesome coloring page of the Geoffroy’s’ Cat.  This is such cute cat that found in the wild of South America. Let’s see if you can coloring in this superb hunter and flash your power on our social networking sites.  Explore the rest of our animal coloring pages in our kids zone learning…

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dik dik

Dik Dik Coloring Page

Here is one of the cutest coloring pages you will ever see. This is the Dik Dik and it is one of the world’s smallest cervids. You are going to love this Dik Dik coloring page

european polecat

European Polecat Coloring Page

Hey Defenders!  Check out this awesome mammal coloring page of the European Polecat.  This is an awesome species and there is so much to learn inside the kids zone.  Don’t forget to show your coloring page work on social networking.

Sand Cat

Sand Cat Coloring Page

Hey Defenders! Check out this awesome coloring page of the cutest little feline, called the Sand Cat. These is such a fund coloring page. Don’t forget to share your work on social media!