nomura's jellyfish

Nomura’s Jellyfish Coloring Page

The Ocean is filled with a significant amount of jellyfish species and scientists are continuing to discover species on a semi regular basis. Jellyfish come in all shapes and sizes, but this week’s featured animal is a larger species of jellyfish known for their impressive bells, some of which have been seen larger then humans….

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candy cane shrimp

Candy Cane Shrimp Coloring Page

Candy Cane Shrimp coloring page is here just in time for Christmas!  These colorful shrimp look just like a candy cane and fit the festivities perfectly. We are excited to see all your work when you are coloring in the Candy Cane Shrimp Coloring Page.  Please check out the rest of our marine mammal coloring…

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portuguese man o war

Portuguese Man O’ War Coloring Page

Hey there Defenders!  We hope you are in the mood to color today because we have a coloring page of the Portuguese Man O’ War!  This blue marine animals is one interesting organism and it is well know for floating on top of the water and hanging their stinging tentacles below.

box jellyfish

Box Jellyfish Coloring Page

Hey Defenders!  Check out this coloring page on one of the most notorious jellyfish on the planet!  It is the box jellyfish and this is one cool coloring page.  We hope you have a good time coloring in this Box Jellyfish coloring page and you spend some time exploring the other coloring pages in the…

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