Polydamas Swallowtail (Battus polydamus)

What is Symbiosis?

Have you ever thought about different animals, working together? Or heard the word “symbiosis”? Well that’s exactly what symbiosis means! Symbiosis is any kind of close and longterm interaction, between two living creatures – either of the same species, or totally different ones! This process occurs all throughout nature, in various ways, however there are…

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E coli Ag Res Mag

Micro Animals vs. Microorganisms

Check it out, Defenders! You’ve seen all the life around us like plants, trees, people, insects, and animals. But did you know that the oldest and most abundant forms of life are so tiny you can’t see them without a microscope? That’s right, I’m talking about microorganisms and micro-animals! Although that sounds like two words…

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