Riparian habitat

Riparian Zone

What’s up Defenders and welcome to the Riparian Zone tile, which is an important section found in our Habitats and Biomes center of the Critter Squad Kids’ Zone.  Riparian Habitats are a very important habitat, which is defined as the habitat between land and a river.  The area between open land and the flowing water…

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ferrets in leaves

Meet The Mustelids!

The Mustelids are one of the most respected groups of mammals on the planet and contain some well known animals like badgers and wolverines. They are all carnivorous and well equipped for life as meat eaters. Most are longer bodied mammals that exhibit shorter, stronger arms, thick dense coats, claws and paws built for digging…

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European Mink coloring page

Mink Coloring Page

Hey Defenders!  Check out this awesome coloring book page of the European Mink!  This is a super cool semi-aquatic species found in Europe and they are great swimmers and divers.  We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to share your coloring page with us on social media!

Mink portrait

Feel The Might Of the European Mink!

We are going to start Feb 2020 with the European Mink as our mighty animal of the week.  Mink are amazing animals and they are found in the Mustelidae family which is a group of hardcore, carnivorous mammals. Mink are long, slender, generally a dark brown when found in the wild and reach about 2…

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What is a Mammal?

Mammals are a group of animals with many traits that make them different from other animals. We have laid out the main characteristics of being mammal.  Endothermic (or “warm blooded”) which means they have a set body temperature. Have fur or hair Give birth to their babies alive, as opposed to laying eggs like fish…

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