Saltwater vs. Freshwater

Saltwater vs. Freshwater Have you ever gone to the beach and wondered, why can I drink freshwater but not salt water? Maybe, you have wondered how or why they’re so different? Both are very different, and are used by different species. The Earth is made up of water. If you were to take pictures of…

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Oceans vs. Lakes

Oceans vs. Lakes Let’s start with distinguishing which contains freshwater, and the one that contains saltwater. Lakes make up the 0.3% of freshwater we have on earth. The ocean makes up 97% of the saltwater here on earth. There are many different types of bodies of water  with the biggest being the ocean and the…

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Ocean Depths

What exactly are Ocean Depths? Well, you can think about it as a tall building that has different floors. To be more specific, imagine it as a very wide and tall building with five different floors. So what is the exact name for these floors? Ocean Zones! Now, let’s find out what the name of…

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