Pterodactyl Paper Plate

Hey Defenders! This weeks activity is another awesome dinosaur one. In in fact we are going to be making a Pterodactyl using paper plates and the templates found on the Critter Squad Wildlife Defender Kids Zone! This activity is so much fun and at the end the children will be able to run and fly…

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Triceratops Paper Towel Rolls

Hey Defenders! Next on our list of animal arts and crafts, is a Triceratops Paper Towel Roll! This is a great dinosaur arts and crafts project for kids of all ages and Triceratops is just as well know as the T-Rex, so kids love making these cute dinosaur crafts.  It is very simple- all you…

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T-Rex Paper Towel Rolls

Hey Defenders!  Check out this amazing art project video that we made for you to use with your students.  Its a T-Rex made from paper towel rolls.  Is it really easy and great for kids of all ages.  T- Rex is a very popular dinosaur and kids love doing anything dinosaur related.  This activity is…

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Creepiest Crawlies Halloween  Fun

Creepiest Crawlies Video

Hey Defenders! Here is another one our of YouTube videos, just in time for the 2019 Halloween Season! This is a Halloween video on some of the creepiest Crawlies here in Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders HQ! Join our educator Geoff as he teaches you about Hissing Cockroaches, Earth Worms, African Giant Millipedes, Flat Rock Scorpions…

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Screen Shot    at    PM

Animalia – The Music Video

Here’s our music video compilation of some awesome animal footage we’ve shot. Enjoy Animalia, featuring a variety of our Critter Squad ambassadors!