madgascar bee eater

Madagascar Bee-Eater Coloring Page

Hey defenders!  This week we have the small and elegant Madagascar Bee- Eater. They have beautifully colored feathers and have the precision of a ninja! They can catch bees and other flying insects mid-flight. Be sure to download this Madagascar Bee-Eater coloring page and head to the kids zone to download all the other pages…

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asian water monitor

Asian Water Monitor Coloring Page

Asian Water Monitors are large lizards that are found in South East Asia. They are semi- common as pets and grow up to be over 6ft long. They have very long tails and super long forked tongues. The tails of Asian Water Monitors are used as whips when defending themselves from predators and their long…

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Yellowjacket Coloring Page

Growing up I was always amazed by bees and wasps, not only because they were able to sting you, but because they look like tough futuristic insects.  They have a little big of an army solider feel to me. This week is the Yellowjacket and they are a species of wasp well known in North…

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yellow bellied sea snake

Yellow Bellied Sea Snake Coloring Page

Yellow Bellied Sea Snakes are one of the world’s few sea snakes.  These venomous snakes are a yellow color, with a flattened tail that assists them in swimming in the ocean. These guys are found in the tropical waters of the Atlantic ocean and tend to be found near waters with coral reefs. Many people…

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wobbegong shark

Wobbegong Shark Coloring Page

The Wobbegong Shark is a really wild looking shark that is known to live life on the ocean floor. The Wobbegong shark is in the carpet shark family and they are known for their seaweed like whiskers that help with disguising their face.  These sharks have such unique patterns and its a perfect opportunity to…

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