Trilobite Heinrich Harder

What are trilobites?

Have you ever heard of a trilobite before? Well if you’ve ever seen them…it’s probably been in fossil form! Trilobites are actually a group of fossils – the fossils of an extinct group of marine arthropods. They look similar to horseshoe crabs or almost alien like with all their creepy crawly limbs. In fossil records,…

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What is a Tar Pit?

Hey Defender! If you’ve ever seen a dinosaur movie, or perhaps live around here in Southern California you might have heard of tar pits – especially the La Brea tar pits! But what exactly is a tar pit? Well, to use a better name, tar pits should accurately be called “asphalt pits”, or even an…

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Mammoth Vs. Mastodon

Elephants are some of the most iconic animals on Earth. They are the largest of all terrestrial mammals and have been a facet of human culture for thousands of years. Even their prehistoric relatives, the mammoths and mastodons, are well-known to the general public. To most people, the differences between mammoths and mastodons are trivial….

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