Ice age fauna of northern Spain Mauricio Antón

What is Megafauna?

When people think of prehistoric wildlife, the mind’s eye tends to conjure images of very large animals. Indeed, the fossil record is studded with giants from all corners of the animal kingdom. Many of them eclipse their modern relatives in terms of size and some of them of so monstrously huge as to boggle the…

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Deccan Traps volcano

What is Extinction?

For all our Dino Defenders out there, when researching those prehistoric beasts the topic of “extinction” will always come up. But what exactly does it mean for a species to be extinct? And are Dinosaurs the only creatures on our planet to go extinct? Well to put it simply, the moment of extinction for a…

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Ice Age Mammals Dark Ride Science Exploration Hall Science City Kolkata

What is an Ice Age?

No Defenders, it’s not movie time silly! Here we are going to talk about what a REAL ice age is, and what’s actually going on with all the animals and life during that time. Well first off, there isn’t just one ice age – an ice age by definition is just a long period of…

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Palais de la Decouverte Tyrannosaurus rex p

What is a Fossil?

Say the word “fossil” and most people immediately think of dinosaur bones on display in a museum. While these are indeed fossils, the term is considerably more inclusive. A fossil is the preserved remains of an ancient organism from the geologic past. There are many different kinds of fossils and the science of studying fossils…

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What is Paleontology/Archaeology?

Hey there, Defenders – even though here at Critter Squad we focus on animals and wildlife alive today, the history of our planet includes even more unique creatures than what we have on the planet right now. So who are the people that study animals that existed long ago? Well in short, that’s a Paleontologist!…

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