proboscis monkey

Proboscis Monkey

This weeks animal is by far an interesting primate with an unforgettable face and the nose of a life time.  It’s the proboscis monkey and the second you look at them you can probably tell what the word proboscis means.  It mean’s, nose!  Proboscis monkeys have huge noses!  You can learn all about why them…

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what is a proboscis

What Is A Proboscis?

You may not have heard the word proboscis before, but you have probably seen a proboscis before.  In fact the world largest mammal has a proboscis. Yup, that’s right defenders! The animal we are talking about is the elephant and the proboscis is the the elephants nose!  However, a proboscis is not just any ordinary…

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What is a Mammal?

Mammals are a group of animals with many traits that make them different from other animals. We have laid out the main characteristics of being mammal.  Endothermic (or “warm blooded”) which means they have a set body temperature. Have fur or hair Give birth to their babies alive, as opposed to laying eggs like fish…

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