Reindeers Can Float In Water!

The first time I heard that Reindeer could float, I imagined a bunch of Reindeer enjoying spring a break party, floating down some river in style.  But, then I realized that there is not much happening in the life of a Reindeer that could be qualified as a spring break party, since life of a…

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grassy area

Odd-Toed Vs Even-Toed Ungulates

The world of ungulate animals is divided in to three groups, with two groups being the most talked about.   The odd-toed, the even-toed ungulates and the sub-ungulates.  The ungulates are more simply known as the animals with hooves and they are primarily grouped on the way they stand and bear their weight on their toes….

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Portrait of a reindeer with massive antlers

Reindeer- Aka The Don’t Caribou!

Oh yes defenders!  This week we are going to be learning about an exciting animal I like to call the, Don’t Cari-bou!  Haha, Get it?!?! These antler equipped beasts are also called Reindeer and they would have to be one of the world’s most well known animals. These are the secret service for Santa!  Reindeer…

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santa reidneeer flying

Can Reindeer Really Fly?

Well Defenders, you know this is truly an animal learning center, not a place to focus on religion or holidays.  So, we will get down to the brass taxes and be brutally honest.  We have never had anyone on the team who has witnessed a reindeer in flight, but we have heard stories of these…

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Red deer fight

Horns and Antlers

Hey Defenders.  Sometimes we can easily get confused between the differences in to things.  For example, it’s easy to forget the difference between turtles and tortoises, or horns and antlers, or between the kids zone and our blog. So, to help with understanding the difference between horns and antlers we have added a link to…

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Thoroughbred brown Latvian riding horse legs standing outdoors o

What Are Hooves?

The Hoof seems like one of those animal body parts we are taught in kindergarten.  It’s like a wing or a beak, everyone knows what a hoof is, right? We are usually taught that farm animals have hooves and that hooves are on the animal’s feet. Hooves are technically the animal’s toe tip, but the…

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Herd of red deer cervus elaphus rutting and roaring during sunse

Who are the Cervidae?

The Cervidae is a family of animals that contain some of North Americas more well known mammals.  The Cervidae is very wide spread and capable of mastering many ecosystems or habitats and is more commonly referred to as the deer.  Many people think of the deer being one particular animal, but the term deer is…

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Hey there Defenders! Take a look at this cool coloring page on the Reindeer! Did you know that Reindeer are also called Caribou in North America! Antlers are also found on both males and females! We hope you enjoy this coloring page as much as the others right in the Kids Zone!