Recycle Plastic Bags

Any Defender reading this has used a plastic bag at one time in their lives. In fact, we use them so much plastic bags seem like such an important commodity to the human race. We use them for all kinds of things from shopping, storage, carrying things, taking out trash, keeping food fresh and whatever…

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Moon jellyfish [Red Sea, Egypt]


Stroba-wa -wa??  Storbilation is such an important section for the Scyphozoa center because it is an important step in the weird life cycle of Jellyfish!  Jellyfish have a multi stage life cycle and they actually breed sexually and asexually.  Once the jellyfish has spent around 6 months pumping around the ocean they will start to…

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No Digestive Tract?

Jellyfish are a particularly weird species, and they are a very successful species, but they lack many things that complex and more successful animals have. Like a central nervous system or digestive tracts!  How weird is that defenders? You are probably asking yourselves “Well, how do they eat or digest food?”. If you remember from…

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What is Scyphozoa?

I bet you didn’t realize you already know about Scyphozoa!  They are the true jellyfish! When we are at the aquarium or looking from afar, jellyfish are beautiful and elegant swimmers that look very peaceful as they pump around the water. We recognize them by their dome shaped medusae, and the tentacles that hang behind…

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