Sea sponges are very useful life forms underneath the water, and they were incredibly useful outside the water as well.  I say “were” because humans don’t use sea sponges the same ways we used to. Humans and sea sponges have a major history together.  If we ask any defender to guess what they think a…

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Working with others

Sea sponges are known for their weird shapes and odd looking structures.  These structures have developed over 600 million years ago and their shapes not only help the sponge with collecting food for itself, but it allows for other organisms to use them as well.  Their shapes allow for things like crabs, shrimps, snails, worms,…

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We have learned so many cool things thus far about Sea Sponges. They are useful to humans, useful to sea creatures and great for the great barrier reef!  There is something else totally cool about Sea Sponges that I bet you didn’t know defenders – Sea Sponges are something called Endosymbionts!  Endosymbionts are organisms that…

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What is a sea sponge?

Sponges are a super ancient lineage of organisms, in fact they are soooo old they were one of the first organisms to branch off in the evolutionary tree, meaning they were here well before all other animals. Sea Sponges first evolved over 600 million years ago and they have remained unchanged that entire time. Sea…

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