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Snakes Rule! – C.S.W.D. TV: Episode 2

The second episode of C.S.W.D. TV is all about snakes! Do they really deserve the bad reputation they have? Let’s get into the truth about these legless reptiles in this video!


Snakes: Venom vs. Constriction

Snakes are complex predator that have unique ways to catch and eat their food. While most people think of snakes as being venomous, only about 20% of all snakes in the word are venomous.   Venomous Snakes Store their venom in their fangs, which are hollow. Some snakes have their fangs in the front of…

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Types of Snake Teeth

All snakes have teeth, but not all snakes have the same teeth. While there are some similarities (all snakes swallow their food whole, meaning no teeth are used for chewing food) there are many differences. Snake teeth can be categorized into four different groups: Aglyphous Means “lacking in grooves” All teeth are similar in shape…

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