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Odd-Toed Vs Even-Toed Ungulates

The world of ungulate animals is divided in to three groups, with two groups being the most talked about.   The odd-toed, the even-toed ungulates and the sub-ungulates.  The ungulates are more simply known as the animals with hooves and they are primarily grouped on the way they stand and bear their weight on their toes….

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Thoroughbred brown Latvian riding horse legs standing outdoors o

What Are Hooves?

The Hoof seems like one of those animal body parts we are taught in kindergarten.  It’s like a wing or a beak, everyone knows what a hoof is, right? We are usually taught that farm animals have hooves and that hooves are on the animal’s feet. Hooves are technically the animal’s toe tip, but the…

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Herd of red deer cervus elaphus rutting and roaring during sunse

Who are the Cervidae?

The Cervidae is a family of animals that contain some of North Americas more well known mammals.  The Cervidae is very wide spread and capable of mastering many ecosystems or habitats and is more commonly referred to as the deer.  Many people think of the deer being one particular animal, but the term deer is…

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