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Snakes Rule! – C.S.W.D. TV: Episode 2

The second episode of C.S.W.D. TV is all about snakes! Do they really deserve the bad reputation they have? Let’s get into the truth about these legless reptiles in this video!

Striped skunk Florida

What is Aposematism?

Hey Defenders – have you ever come across a really beautiful, colorful animal? Perhaps with really vivid and bright colors, or unique markings and style like the stripe on a skunk? Well take extra care, because these animals don’t just look good to impress us…this is called “Aposematism”, also known as “warning colorations”, and it’s…

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Venomous vs. Poisonous

What’s the difference between venomous and poisonous? While many people think the words are interchangeable, they’re actually not. Both venom and poison are bad things to come into contact with, but how one goes about contacting them can be very different.   Venom is something that is injected into your body in order to feel…

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