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Bone vs. Cartilage

Hey Defenders!  Welcome to our bones vs. cartilage page! We get lots of questions about the difference between bones and cartilage, so we hope to help clear up the most basic differences. Bones and cartilage have some similarities, but some major differences as well. Bones and cartilage both serve as tools for support and protection…

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Glomeris marginata

What’s an Exoskeleton?

The world of Arthropods is such an amazing world.  With so many species and odd looking creatures it is interesting to think about what holds up their little bodies. Arthropods and other organisms need support on the outside of their bodies because they do not have bones or cartilage supporting their shape. So, instead they…

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What is an invertebrate?

Hey Defenders! If you have ever taken an animal class or read a book on animals, then you have probably heard the term invertebrate. Invertebrate is an important word in the world of biology and it refers to all the animals that do not have back bones or spinal structures originating from the notochord. Invertebrates…

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Camel Skeleton Richard Owen On the Anatomy of Vertebrates ()

What is a vertebrate?

What is a vertebrate? Well, if you are coming over from the “What is an Invertebrate” tile defenders, then you have probably learned that a huge portion of the animal world is made of animals without backbones called invertebrates. Even though the invertebrate group is pretty massive, there is an even more well known and…

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