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So you’re curious about Herpetology?

Hey defenders! We all have a time when we start deciding what we want to do for the rest of our lives. What are we going to do for a career? How will we make money? Should I do what I love? Many of us get a chance to go to college or another form…

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Keep your spots secret

Herpers, bird watchers, hunters, conservationists, and wildlife enthusiasts all have one thing in common. We like nature to be pristine and healthy. When we are out hiking or in nature we should want it trash free, with zero signs of human interference. This requires a level of respect for animals and nature that not everyone…

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Join A Herpetology Club

Many people are interested in reptiles and look for ways to become more involved in the reptile community. Reptile enthusiasts, often called “herpers”, love getting together with other reptile lovers to share information and stories on their finds. These little groups eventually develop into larger organizations referred to as Herpetology Societies! Herpetology Societies or Herp…

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Tips & Tricks

Herpers, herpetologists, bird watchers, wildlife photographers, and wildlife biologists all have tricks and tips to get them closer to wildlife. Finding, tracking, and locating wildlife is incredibly hard. Experts in the animal world have left behind some of their wildlife tips and tricks to help us find better opportunities to observe wildlife as well. In…

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Become a Herpetologist

It seems like when we are growing up there are so many things we want to be. It starts with the iconic jobs like firefighters or policemen, doctors and presidents. The older we get the more we know exactly what it is that we want to be. I remember a large portion of my life…

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