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Dangerous Animals

Our planet is filled with wonderfully unique organisms. From creatures that can regenerate body parts, to parasites and blood suckers…from the cutest and cuddliest, all the way to those scary creepers, life on earth is extremely diverse! While many animals have formed strong bonds with humans, and we’ve created whole new breeds of species that…

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grass lice

Parasitic Animals

Oh jeez Defenders…we’ve got another weird animal article! This one shares a few friends that we learned about on our Blood Suckers page, because here we’re gonna talk all about Parasitic Animals, that’s right – Parasites! What exactly is a parasite anyway? Well they’re definitely not the cute and cuddly types of animals we usually…

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Apex Predators

We’ve all heard of a predator before…these animals, usually carnivorous, attack and eat their prey to feed and gain energy. Predators are usually strong animals towards the top of the food chain, and often eat herbivores or smaller predators. But what about the predator at the very tippy top of their food chain? Well guess…

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Animal Illness/Disease

Diseases come in many shapes and forms, and are usually things we want to avoid! Well just as humans need medical checkups, and need to keep an eye on our health for serious illness and disease, the animal world has many unique diseases that only certain species of animals can get. There are many different…

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Blood Suckers

Hey there Defenders…I think it’s about time we had a snack break! I’ve been getting hungry all day, and you know what sounds delicious? A nice big gulp of blood!!! That’s right Defenders, if you guessed that I’m a Mosquito, or a Leech, you’d be correct (or maybe a Vampire)! Those are just a couple…

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px Poison Dart Frogs

Poisonous Animals

Hey Defenders, do you remember the differences between venomous and poisonous animals? If not, definitely check out our article on that…because now we’re going to talk all about those animals that can pose a real threat when touched or eaten! That’s right, this is all about poisonous animals! Whether natural or made made, poison is…

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Agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster

Venomous Animals

If you remember from our article on poisonous vs. venomous animals, they both can be very dangerous, but also have their unique differences. Well here we are going to talk about some more examples of those animals that need to sting or bite you to inject their toxins – that’s right, Venomous Animals!!! Like poison,…

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