Quiz Yourself On Your Animal Skills!

Hey Defenders!

  • Are you an animal expert in your class?
  • Do you love animals and want to know as much as you can?
  • Are you just starting to gain interest in animals and want to learn more?


Well the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders Kids Zone has tons of animals quizzes that are great for kids and even adults!  Our animal quizzes are fun and easy to do, and you’ll learn things you never thought you would before! Critter Squad Wildlife Defender’s animal quizzes are created by our digital educators here at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders and our educators even use them for practice when they are preparing or learning.

Our quizzes cover a wide range of animals, and we continue to put out new quizzes on a regular basis.  We have animal quizzes that cover all your most common pets, like bearded dragons, leopard geckos, hamsters, mice, rats and green tree frogs.  Critter Squad Wildlife Defender’s animal quizzes also cover animals from every major family, as we currently have reptile quizzes, bird quizzes, insect quizzes, amphibian quizzes, and mammal quizzes!  To make it more fun for everyone, you can even share your animal quiz on your social networking like facebook and twitter!


Use Critter Squad Wildlife Defender Quizzes in Class!


Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders animal quizzes are a great learning tool for teachers and educators to use in a classroom setting. Our quizzes are built directly into our kids zone, so they are able to be put up on a screen or projector for all the kids in the class to see. Learning about nature and wildlife is essential for the next generation of children to grow up and want to save our beautiful planet, and the kids zone animal quizzes help to keep your students involved with nature. We feel strongly that children do not fully absorb and learn to their full potential without fun and enriching experiences to help them learn.


Classroom pets are another great way to keep the kids in tune with nature and we have tons of fact sheets and information sources for your students to learn before they practice on those quizzes!


If you like videos and want to learn more about animals, be sure to head to our YouTube Channel!