Reduce Plastic Use and Conserve Water- Quick and Affordable Ways!

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Hey Defenders! Unless you have been hiding under a rock, then you have heard all about the devastating things happening to our planet! There is a massive movement to do anything possible to help save the planet. Conserving water and working to reduce your plastic use  are serious topics and something everyone can do to help. We know it is very easy to get busy, but how do we go about conserving water in our daily lives? Well, the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders have you covered! Here are some simple and affordable ways to conserve water and help reduce your plastic use.

The last straw

Straws are devastating when they don’t make it in the trash can or the recycle can, and they are starting to be found everywhere in nature, especially beaches and oceans. Straws are light and tube shaped which makes them great at floating around in the water. They are mistaken for food and eaten by wildlife. Pictures from people all over the planet are showing straws present in nature where they SHOULDN’T BE!

Click HERE to find some amazing metal straws for your home or next camping trip! These are durable and reusable.

We know that many of our customers are planning their next animal party or special animal event with Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders. So, we also have a link to some great colorful cardboard party straws! Cardboard straws are disposable, but far less devastating when not recycled properly. Click HERE to check out these awesome cardboard party straws.

Reducing your plastic use starts with bottles! Reusable ones!

Another great way to help reduce your plastic use and waste is to have a reusable water bottle, the opposite of single use plastics. Reusable water bottles are durable, long lasting, and really do help reduce your water bottle purchases. They are great when you are out at theme parks, hiking, the beach, the park with your kids, and of course many other things we haven’t listed. Reusable water bottles are truly great for humans and the environment. There are so many out there to choose from, but we have a special link here with one of our favorite reusable bottles here in the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders blog. Click HERE to see these awesome bottles!

Smart showers

Lastly, showers tend to be another place where we use way more water than we should. Waiting to let the water warm up or leaving it on while we are brushing our teeth is easily a massive source of water waste. We have added a link to low flow water taps that allow you to adjust the flow of water coming out of the faucet at different times. These are super simple to install and can really help the environment and your water bill. Check out these low flow faucet ends by clicking HERE!

Stay tuned right here on our blog to read all about the amazing items and gadgets you can use to live a better life right here on planet earth! You can also head over to our Youtube Channel to watch awesome animal videos, or you can head to iTunes or Spotify to listen to our podcast, The SquadCast. See you there Defenders! Don’t forget to recycle reduce reuse!

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